Develop a Mobile App – How much does it Cost in Singapore 2020?

Develop a Mobile App

Singapore is Asia’s technology capital. It does not come as a surprise because of things like cashless payments, installation of devices in smart-enabled homes, availability of self-driving taxis, and the use of bots and drones by the Singapore Police Force.

What’s more, in the entire Asia Pacific region, it is in Singapore where almost everyone uses a smartphone. Over 90% of adults living in Singapore use smartphones.

In terms of smartphone penetration, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, South Korea, and Japan follow Singapore in this order. Yes, Japan, a country that is known for its technological advancements, only has 50% smartphone penetration!

Because a lot of people in Singapore are using smartphones, it is no wonder why, in the Lion City, mobile apps also come aplenty. It seems like just about anything that people need to carry out in Singapore; there is a dedicated app that can make it happen.

This is why if you are a business owner in Singapore, and you want the customers to patronize you instead of the direct competition, having your mobile app is a must.

Now, here comes a fundamental question that needs an answer before you take further steps: how much does it cost to develop a mobile app in Singapore? Most especially, if you are on a tight budget, having a clear idea of how much you would have to pull out from your pocket to develop a mobile app is essential.

A quick answer to that is it’s difficult to have an exact figure. That’s because many factors play a role in mobile app development in Singapore. Each one of them has an impact on the overall price of the project.

So keep on reading if you would like to have an idea of how much it would cost a business owner in Singapore to pay the experts to develop an app.

The Type of App is a Determining Factor

Currently, there are more than two million apps available on Google Play Store. On the other hand, there are nearly two million apps available on the Apple App Store. There is never a shortage of apps to download and install on a smartphone.

In Singapore, it seems like there is an app for everything that people can carry out via a mobile device or the internet.

For instance, there is an app for hailing a taxi, ordering food, shopping for shoes, booking a movie ticket, looking for a date, video conferencing with friends, and others. Different apps are capable of doing different things, and that is why developing them can cost differently.

Here are the main types of apps currently in existence:

· Simple information app. As the name suggests, a simple information app is something that imparts information. The cost of developing this type of app can range from $4,000 to $10,000. If it requires constant updating or it necessitates a database, you can expect the price of its development to skyrocket up to $15,000.

· Product and service app. If you are offering a product or service, it is a product and service app that you need to have. Because it requires regular updating, its development can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $30,000. However, it can climb up to $40,000 or more if it requires geo-location or any other advanced function.

· Multiuser platform app. Some apps are capable of allowing several users to engage with one another in the form of reviews, listings, forums, and others. It is why they are known as multiuser platform apps. Their development usually ranges from $20,000 to $50,000 or more, depending on the features involved.

· User productivity app. It is obvious what a productivity app is for. Developing one that is standalone and has minimal interaction with other mobile apps is easy on the pocket — it can cost as low as $10,000. On the other hand, a user productivity app that is per-subscription basis and uses hosting can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $30,000.

· Business process automation app. Various business processes are simplified and automated with the help of a business process automation app. Since it can come in various forms, from workforce coordination to supply procurement, you can expect to pay between $18,000 and $30,000 for its development.

· Marketplace app. A mobile app that connects two or more businesses or groups is a marketplace app. One common example of it is something that allows you to order food from various restaurants. In developing this kind of app, you can expect to shell out $30,000 to $50,000 or more if it comes with advanced features.

Other Factors That Can Affect the Cost

Aside from the type of app that you wish to develop, there are a few other factors that can affect the amount of money you will need to pay for its creation.

Some of them include how quickly you want to get your hands on the finished app and the amount of personalization that you want it to have. Also, a factor when it comes to the overall

cost is the asking price of the mobile app developer. Things that determine this include the developer’s specialization, skill level, and experience in the industry.

There are various considerations when it comes to choosing which developer you should put your trust in. They include:

· The language used in coding the mobile app.

· The availability of a project manager who can keep you updated.

· Familiarity or experience with developing the type of app you want.

· Having an understanding of your business goals and objectives.

· How many satisfied clients it has.

Coming up with a mobile app for your business requires much thought; this is especially true since its users are residing in Singapore, which is Asia’s technology capital. Refrain from rushing when looking for a developer to seal the deal with.